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Mike Gennaro
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Teaching Location:Toronto, Ontario, M6H 1J9
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About Mike Gennaro

Since 2007, Mike Gennaro has been offering private drum lessons to students of all ages and levels of proficiency. Currently, his students range from ages 5 to 50 and several are beginners between the ages of 8 and 12. He loves introducing beginners to the basics of rhythm just as much teaching more advanced students their favourite songs and drum parts. Mike's eclectic background allows him to easily expand on the fundamental role of the drums in all styles of music. By placing an emphasis on having fun and encouraging their own creativity and sense of improvisation, Mike has connected with all of his students through adapting to their individual styles of learning.
Having studied privately with veteran Toronto drum teachers Dave Clark and Rick Gratton, Mike is equally versed in jazz and rock with an affinity for pop, r&b and funk. His students thrive on Mike's passion for teaching as well as his obvious love of music. Rather than focusing entirely on technique for it's own sake, Mike handcrafts his exercises with the goal of placing the material in a musical context and stresses the relationship between the drums and other instruments. He patiently allows his students to grasp the material at their own pace, reassuring them that music is a joy to be experienced, not a race to be won.


"We have found the perfect drum teacher. Our 9 yr. old son has learned more in three months than I ever thought possible. But the most incredible part is he practices without being asked. To see him laugh and smile yet be fully engaged with the process is pure magic." -Katherine, parent.

"Gennaro’s comprehensive knowledge and out-and-out support is exuded in an attentive, wholehearted approach which inspires confidence and enthusiasm in a novice student. His wide breadth of musical appreciation allows him to facilitate learner-directed curriculum corresponding to the particular interests of each student. A one hour lesson under his tutelage is one of the highlights of my week." -Roberto, student.

“I like Mike as a drumming teacher because Mike doesn’t just teach out of a book, he teaches me songs and I really like that. It’s not boring. Mike is also never grumpy and he’s always fun and energetic. That’s why I think Mike is a unique and great teacher!” -Ethan, age 12.

“When I sign up my kids for music lessons, the most important thing to me is that they develop a joy for playing an instrument. That’s exactly what happened for my son with Mike as a teacher. As much as my son develops his skills as a drummer, he also really enjoys his lessons and I like that Mike is creative in his approach. Mike is always ready to explore music at the pace of my child, using songs that keep my son interested and challenged, and he looks forward to every lesson.” -Julia, parent.

Drum Lessons in Toronto.

  • Mike's drumming and production work can be heard on singer/songwriter Ray Pearen's stellar 2009 debut Everything Is Spinning. Lush three part harmonies, jangly guitars and ghostly keyboards provide the perfect backdrop for Pearen's fresh take on the classic pop sound.
  • Gennaro is also featured on Mantler's celebrated 2010 CD Monody, providing funky soul jazz drumming on the tracks Fortune Smiled Again, Childman and In Stride.
  • His current band, The Soundtastics play 60's, 70's and 80's pop hits, with an affinity for obscure AM rock and soul.