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Max Senitt
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Teaching Location:Toronto, Ontario, M6G 3L5
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About Max Senitt

With all of the amazing books, videos and free lessons available online, there is still NO substitute for studying with a REAL live teacher.
"Who gains wisdom from others experience is wise"

Probably the number one thing that draws me to check out any other drummer, is their experience. Even if it is someone who plays a style of music that may not particularly be my favourite, if they have a lot of experience doing it, I know that they are somebody I can learn from and need to be checking out.

In my almost 20 years of professional playing, I have been very lucky to gain some valuable playing experience, performing great music with a wide range of incredible musicians, all over the world. Along with my strong passion for teaching, it is with great joy that I can share my playing experiences with my students.
I am available for private drum lessons in my home studio in downtown Toronto.


  • 2006 Glen Feddich Award for Excellence in Achievement at Humber College
  • 2005 Taye Drum Award for Excellence in Achievement at Humber College
  • 1990 David Kelly Award for Solo Percussion – North Hastings Music Festival


"Hi Max. I love the clarity in your presentation. I got a lot out of the Abakua Feel Shifting Ex. Thanks! All the best to you Sir." - Al Cross

"Max's musicality, taste and professionalism are beyond reproach. He's the complete package: a great drummer and a mensch." - Jason Rosenblatt

"I'm really happy with all of your success. You are a great inspiration to all drummers!" - Eddie Kalwa

"You are a drummer I wish for...a part of the band, not right on top of the band, and right in the pocket. I try to tell drummers try to imagine each beat as a note not just a beat and you achieve that so well."
- Hope Clayburn

"If a drummer can make a small band such as a trio feel good, then that is indeed a great drummer. Max has that in him. Great team player. I really love playing with you Max. Thank you for all the heart you put into my music." - Alex Cuba

"Max Senitt is one of my favourite new drummers on the scene today. He has a great passion for music and an incredible amount of dedication to his craft. He sounds excellent in a variety of different styles and I've been happy to use him as a sub for me when needed."- Mark Kelso

"Your playing is so intense and completley riveting! The music making of your group was totally compelling - what an awesome musical event at our school!" - Tom Regina (Head of Music at Haliburton Highlands Secondary School after a workshop/concert with my band).

Drum Lessons in Toronto.



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Toronto based drummer, Max Senitt, has been playing music for longer than he can remember. He started in his crib, kicking the side with a surprisingly steady pulse. By the age of seven, interest in "skillful banging" continued to escalate, and a drum set was appropriately purchased. Now at the age of Thirty Seven, Max shows no signs of slowing down. The beautiful sounds of music from all around the world continue to inspire and feed his deep thirst for musical knowledge. He has performed all across Canada and United States, throughout the Caribbean, South America, and Europe, with such artists as: Alex Cuba, Hilario Duran, Carol Welsman, Eliana Cuevas, David Buchbinder, Gord Sheard, Alexis Baro, and MANY more.