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Brian Anthony Rask
British Columbia
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Teaching Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, V5R 0B3
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About Brian Anthony Rask

To perform the "Art of Music" thru the "Art of Drumming"  has always been my musical quest and for more than 25 years as an educator my ultimate goal continues to be the same.

To teach my students how to perform the "Art of Music" thru the "Art of Drumming.

The key areas of music study and drum development are:

  • *Music Ability*   
  • *How Music Works*   
  • *Music Performance*   
  • *Beats Bits and Tips*

Around the age of 10 after seeing Ringo Starr with the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and watching the Beatles Saturday morning cartoons it wasn’t long until I got my first pair of drumsticks and started banging and drumming on the living room furniture and other household things…. sorry mom!

I took my first private drum lessons with Michael Clapham who went on to become the owner/manager of Drum Village and the founder of the Milestone Drum company.

Played my first professional paid road gig away from home at the age of 16 years old.

A  few years later I applied for and attended the Douglas college Bachelor of Music Program.

Returned to private drumset studies with Mickey Earnshaw and later Al Wertz at Drums Only the birth place of the Ayotte Drum company.

Majored in Drums and percussion under Ken Moore for Jazz Studies in the Commercial Music Program at Capilano University. 

Some other music studies include;  

  • Guitar lessons at 9 yrs
  • Organ lessons at 11 yrs
  • Voice training with Mr. Morton
  • Picked up Tenor Sax and studied a few  lessons with Ozzie and Dave Skinner
  • Voice training with Edwin Coppard

BackBeat Studio is owned and operated by Brian Anthony Rask and in 1996 became a proud member of the "Vic Firth P.D.T." program. BackBeat Studio had its humble beginnings in 1992 as a Drum School and grew into a Project Recording Studio as wellBackBeat Studio’s is located on Canada's west coast in Vancouver B.C.

Drum Lessons in Vancouver.