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Ariel Tseng
British Columbia
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Telephone:250 508 3486
Teaching Location:Victoria, British Columbia, V8P 2M6
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About Ariel Tseng


$25 / 30 MINUTES
$37.50 / 45 MINUTES


Imagine casually sitting down at a drum set and just ripping. I’ll teach you how.

  • learn to hit the drums and get a good tone - it’s fun to hit stuff with sticks!

  • read and write drum beats - once you can read, you can learn anything. But let’s definitely read sheet music and play along.

  • learn to jam - you play drums and I’ll play bass

  • learn how to practice - improve !

  • listen to songs and figure out beats by ear

  • build musical confidence - play with music cause you understand how it works

  • be a legit drummer - shred the kit and watch the jaws drop

Things to know about me as a teacher:

  • I only take on students who have regular access to a drum kit. At home is ideal, but at a friends house or school works as well if you are able to play on a kit at least weekly. Either electric or acoustic is fine.

  • I am passionate about technique and stick control. I start the beginning of each lesson with rudiments, and I will probably correct your posture a lot.

  • My teaching is very reading based. One of the first things I will teach you to do is read music. If you are visually impaired we can make audio clip recordings.

  • I expect students to practice between lessons. Learning an instrument is about 90% practice. Consider if you are able to commit to practicing at least 30 minutes, twice a week. Some weeks you might not practice at all and that’s ok. But in general, lessons supplement practice.

  • Students are required to pay for all booked lessons, attended or not. Your tuition reserves a set time in the schedule so no make up lessons will be allowed. Please read the “tuition” page for more information.

If all of this sounds fun and exciting, then please send me an e-mail at arieltseng[at]

Thank you for reading!

Drum Lessons in Victoria.